F.Y.I. HED SWIM's Diary, on the making of an E.P

1st entry / 16th September 2020. (Also featured on the Hed Swim facebook page)

New punks, old punks, hello and welcome to our diary of the making of a new E.P.

This will be a tag team effort hopefully. I would urge you please, that if your easily offended, to avert your eyes now, and get back to your knitting x

“So where? who? why? and then what next?”

We are in Forres (the Fabulous Forres Freak Brothers), in Moray, in the Land that is Scot. I am Steve Simms, a songer singwriter, and I front Hed Swim, “Oor band!” George Sutherland is also a songer songwriter & the manny on drums and bass (on our recordings- at the moment). Dave Martin is guitar & percussion (and bass live- at the moment) and has been given the onerous task of leader of the pack, but without the glitter. We hope to give you a more in depth introduction to the band members as they add they’re tuppence. Let them speak for themselves, instead of- “Hi I am Steve, I am an Aries, I like red wine, I have blue eyes, I am 5ft10, 83kg, I have an inside leg measurement of 2m 40 (Detective Big Leg!) I am literally hung like a baboon and I have a collection of inflatable sheep, and am looking for Miss Bo Peep”……thats me done then (sic!)… I must write that down for my E-Harmony biog…now where is my pen? Some of you may have found, a teeny weeny signpost in the above meanderings….bass?… the moment?…why the moment Steven? Yes we have an announcement in the near future concerning the post of bass player, and Fab Fab Four (Forres) Freak Brother. If you didnt see that, or you dont understand what we are on about (and to be honest we dont half the time) then you are a younger punk, but you are still welcome. Your Welcome :) WHY are we doing this? Well its been a very long and dull year, we havent been able to perform live and we miss you! We thought we would shower you with our creative manure, because we have sat still watching box sets on Netflix, getting fat and drinkin copious amounts of alcohol…oh no Sireeeee! We wrote,recorded and released our second album during lockdown and its nae bad ken….and now we are writing an E.P. (that might become an album????). We just want to tell you all about it as it happens. Oh just going back to the disclaimer above “drinkin copious amounts of alcohol…” we may have done that bit. So last night Dave and Steve (thats me!) got together to compare notes and as it stands we have 6 tunes that may or may not bare fruit (incidently have you seen the Rowan trees this year…laden with fruit…bad winter coming folks)…I digress… Working titles so far - HAD ENOUGH MY PERFECT LIE TWIN PEAKS I WILL TAKE YOU HUNTING I HAD A FRIEND WAR and one without a name. I will now hand the Baton, liberally covered in alcohol gel and Dave will carry on running with this thing, or slip it up his bum! Oooh Matron. Cheers peeps


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