NEWS -27th october 2020

So Hed Swim have gone fishing...well hunting actually? 

Whats the scoop?

I dont suppose anyone has survived this year without 

adapting, changing the way they create, work, sell, live, breath....Yeah?

Neither has Hed Swim. We managed to put an album together and release it albeit through the magic of online resources, but lets face all sh**. Its not real living and music has taken a hit.

Dave & I have a voracious appetite for writing, recording and performing music. Hed Swim wasn't functioning as a platform for the music that has spewed out of us. We have so much to say, and anger, we want to expose the bulls*** we see around us.

So we have shelved Hed Swim for now!

Ladies and Gentlemen we give you.


Comprising of Steve - vocals and Dave (all music).

In the space of one week we have written and recorded / produced and created the artwork for a new single F.Y.I. (all in house / grassroots). We have an album of material ready to record and this will only appear on physical formats (cd, cassette, vinyl) for sale.


This single is the only tune we shall release as an mp3.

Watch this space.

Dave & Steve